Swiss Vault Systems​​
We are innovators in green, high density, secure cluster computing.

  1. "We generate tremendous amounts of imaging data relating client pipeline assets, it was imperative that we have both a secure and highly redundant data storage solution. In our earlier years, we had used some mainstream technologies which failed on more than one occasion. These failures were costly to our business requiring time and effort to resolve ... SV identified an opportunity to design a robust storage solution which was used to support our mission critical data. During our use of this technology we had consistent uninterrupted performance ..." Darren, CEO
    SmartPipe Technologies
    "Consistent uninterrupted performance"
  2. "I have used the "Shoebox" system in a small business atmosphere and then transferred it to a much larger company. In both instances, it has been extremely reliable, has a great storage capacity for the size of the equipment and is very good on power usage (under 30 watts). Teamed with the quietness and robust platform this system has, it seems very suitable for any office installation." Mark, CEO
    "Very suitable for any office installation."
  3. "Our current computational requirements exceed those levels achieved by supercomputers just a few years ago. With our recent collaboration with NVIDIA, and installation and operation of its GPU based DevBox system, Insilico's computational capabilities are ramping up to match these supercomputer levels. after searching the technically competitive genomics data storage market, we found that the D10.80T is best able to provide us with a matching level of scalable, energy and space efficient data storage, which also provides for extreme mobility." Alex, CEO
    Insilico Medicine
    "Scalable, energy and space efficient data storage"
  4. "Ircona specializes in providing embedded hardware electronic design ... we are experts in the area of high-speed processor based digital hardware for high performance computing systems ... We believe that your proposal for this hardware development, to provide a secure vault for healthcare related data, would be an excellent business opportunity for us as we see that your company can be a key designer and supplier of high-tech systems" John, CEO
    "Key designer and supplier of high-tech systems"