Swiss Vault Systems​​
We are innovators in green, high density, secure cluster computing.

Our design philosophy
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    Low Power consumption and low heat emission
    The data storage units are designed to run at low power and dissipate heat. Because power consumption is a critical cost of running a data operation, the combination results in lower operating costs , longer operating life.
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    Small size, low weight and noise production
    Systems are fabricated at high density and optimized connections for higher performance, but minimal space. The small units can fit onto any desk, while our larger "PetaByte" unit can be installed in a small broom closet. Fabrication with light-weight, strong components, enables minimal weight, & low noise generation - now you can bring the data center back into the office building.
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    Long-lasting product life cycle
    Low power consumption, fewer failure points means that these units do not have to be replaced, and technically, can last decades in operation. Our "Bluesky" OS can manage multiple nodes in operation, treating as single name space, and plug-n-play scaling of data storage and compute.
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    Hardware embedded security
    Data is critically under threat from ransomware, and data theft attacks. This makes it particularly difficult for SME organizations to secure their data assets. SV's systems come with hardware embedded security, which can optionally turn the system into a data vault, so any organization can secure their data from ransomware, and hacking attacks.
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